Friday, March 4, 2011

My first trade!

I traded 2 Lil fat Kittens for 2 lovely screen prints from Sass and Peril. I really enjoyed the trading process and it went very smoothly. She had the prints already so I created the plush kittens based off her 2 kittys and sent her the pic below. The following business day we both sent out the goodies and emailed each other the tracking numbers. It was awesome and exciting! I am always down to trade, and hope it is something I can partake in more often.

The custom Lil Fat Kittens I made for her. In exchange for the 2 awesome prints below.

More pics on my website:

~BoRo out

1 comment:

Kira said...

Your work is really adorable! I just love your fat, round little animals! (Those prints are lovely too! You'e so lucky!) I love doing trades with other artists! Feel free to ask me for a trade any time! :)


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