Wednesday, March 9, 2011

superhero bears

I've made some superhero bears; just like the dress-up bears but with embroidered glasses and features, and a superhero cape with felt initial.

Superhero bears like to fit heroic deeds in between soft cuddles. They also like reading cereal boxes, watching birds fly (for tips) and drinking lemonade. Made out of reclaimed blankets, this bear is soft and cuddly. He has embroidered glasses and features, and his cape is made from a repurposed collared shirt with easy velcro fasteners to take the cape on and off as needed for superhero duties. The initial on his cape could stand for anything you like. Superhero bears are very good friends and wonderful playmates. They are good at keeping secrets and giving hugs, and will make a loyal friend.

Superhero bears in my
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Pepper x

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