Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WonderCon, Anyone?

Hi Plush Lovers.  I'm looking for a little advice/help/suggestions.  I've signed up to exhibit/sell my Flaky Friends at this year's WonderCon in San Francisco (April 1-3 at Moscone Center).  I've never done this event before, or frankly ANY event this gigantic and am wondering if anyone here has sold or attended this event before and could give me some idea of how your plush sales were.  They anticipate 40-50 thousand people will attend. I'm going to have $12,000 worth of inventory to sell and have no idea whether it will all sell or if plush makers get no love at this event.

So what about it.  Anyone?  I'm stressed out of my mind about the whole thing not knowing what to expect.

And no - with $12,000 worth of inventory built up in my sewing room, I haven't slept since January.

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