Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dead Bat Plush

A few weeks back, I was contacted by Clothes That Kill! about coming up with a plush of their Dead Bat Logo. It took a few prototypes to come up with a design that both was easy enough to reproduce in multiples, and was as close to the original artwork as possible. After several revisions to the pattern, a final prototype was made.

Dead Bat Plush - Final Version

Once his pattern was finalized I made several more...

Dead Bat Plush - Ready for pick up

But I turned around for a minute and they all flew off!  I finally found them hiding in an empty shelf on my bookcase.

Dead Bat Plush - Hiding in a cave


Cocoflower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
painting techniques said...

I like your blog! Great work on these dead bats!...Daniel

Laura said...

I never knew bats can be sooo cute until I see this.. lol... Great Job.

Suzannah Ashley said...

Thanks so much! :D


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