Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Spring Holiday of your Preference.

Well I'm still alive, still making monsters. Had a great birthday on Saturday...

This little guy is teeny, 3in tall and just the right size to dwell in a dollhouse.
(He's photographed on a dollhouse couch!)
He's made from a hand dyed speckled yarn full of lovely spring colors.
He reminds me of a garden in an Impressionist painting.
(Merino, with a silk tail, safety eyes, and a heart fulla perkiness)

I've also moved my shop: I'm now at

I've been working much more slowly since a bad car wreck back in August.
Everything takes me 2x as long to get done... but I'm still making stuff.

This evening's project is tagging, paperwork, and preparing for shipping, a batch of monsters for Gaslight Gathering, a Steampunk convention out west. (Their art director INVITED me to enter their Art Gallery! whoot!)


Painting Workshop said...

Nice Artwork! great job!...Daniel

Painting workshop said...

The bunny looks great..I dropped by again. I just wanted to greet you a late happy easter!...Daniel


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