Wednesday, June 8, 2011

moustache octopal lineup

octopals for the RRR

hey fellow plush pals! it's me, sandi aka benandi over on etsy. i'm popping in to say hello! because it's been far to long since i've last updated you all here and i wanted to let you know i'm still around. creating art and sewing away in my free time between juggling my kiddos, work and everyday life. just thought i'd share picture of my moustach octopals which will be traveling to a summer craft show. i've also started bloggin' over at adalouvintage where you'll find more of my creative creation. thanks for swinging by the needle! xo :) s


PaisleyJade said...

These guys are so cute! I love plushies as well as mustaches!!

pannikin said...

They have mustaches! <3

The Imaginative Child said...

Educational Toys


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