Friday, July 1, 2011

Barnum the Stripey Sweater Monster

This month's theme for my local street team's Monthly Challenge was Carnivals and State Fairs. (the theme was chosen at my suggestion after spotting it on the list of trending topics on Etsy's Merchendising Desk post for June). This is my entry, Barnum the Stripey Sweater Monster. (you can see more pics of him at my blog)

I originally didn't start making Barnum with this month's challenge in mind. I had the body made with the limbs and ears attached, and had him set aside for hand-sewing the eye and heart on, and stitching up the stuffing opening. It wasn't until after I knew about the challenge that I decided he was a good candidate for a Carnival-themed monster, and I added the hat, moustache, and bow tie ( know... bow ties are cool!).

*Voting for the challenge ends on Tuesday, July 5th, so please take a minute to check out all the entries on the RNEST (Rochester NY Etsy Street Team) Blog and vote for your favorite! (there will be a poll in the top-right corner of the blog.) I won't guilt you into voting for me if you like something else!...but it would be nice if you liked mine best! ;)


Wuggles said...

Barnum the stripey sweater monster looks adorable. Thanks for the post.

The Imaginative Child said...

Educational Toys

Chuggington trains said...

I totally agree on Barnum, very attractive.


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