Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lots of Purple Fur!

I've been slow to get started in my toymaking this year, maybe I've been busy... but that's no excuse!

A bundle of Fervorets, little burrower creatures that are quick to pounce on their prey in unexpected numbers. Be careful!

This following glob of fur is certainly a bit more tempered, often bounding head first into any number of the purple hued foliage present in it's path; friend to those ground dwellers who can enjoy the cascade of dropping nuts, foe to the climbers knocked from their branches. Meet the Pink-bellied Morbull.

What a fun pair!


Michal מיכל said...

Your attention to details made this purple fur toys incredible. I wish a lot of luck and success selling these!

vivi said...'s so funny!! i'd love to have one for my own! :P
come and visit me, i'm following u!



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