Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cupcake Nubbin! (Vote for Me Please!)

I haven't posted here in awhile.  Sorry, life has been a bit crazy with the holidays coming up and craft shows and custom orders and whatnot.  But even with how busy I've been, I scratched out a few moments to whip up this little "Cupcake Nubbin" as my entry for the Rochester NY Etsy Street Team's Monthly Challenge for December.  The theme for this month was "Culinary Trends & Sweet Treats".  I've noticed that cupcakes, play food, and anthropomorphic food (ie: food with faces) have been trending lately. ;)

If you like it, please take a minute to  go over to the RNEST blog and cast your vote in the poll in the upper-right hand corner.  (you don't have to register for anything, just click your choice!) I'm the last entry listed.

I'd also like to share the "Moustache Nubbin" that I made for last month's challenge. (the theme was "Movember/No-Shave-November". ) I didn't win though.  I only lost by about one or two votes.


Mary-Michael said...

These are totally cute! Love the blue dude with moustache. Glad you were able to find some time to make stuff during the holidays. It does get pretty busy and all too often the time to create must give way to the real world and "real life." Thanks for stopping by my blog...appreciate it!

walking dog balloon said...

These could be something fun to create at home. Thank you for sharing.


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