Monday, May 7, 2012


I have been asked by many a SC2 lover to make my Mr. Doomsfield (Baneling inspired) plush pattern available, but I did not have a user-friendly version of it. But I do now!

This is for my first attempt at a user-friendly pattern and tutorial. It is an 11 page PDF that you can print out to make your own Mr. Doomsfield! It is an intermediate skill pattern. You do need to have some knowledge of sewing to create this plush. PDF contains: Pattern for Mr. Doomsfield, 6 pages of tutorial that explain how it's made and what materials are used.

With that said I am doing a MAY GIVEAWAY of this pattern and tutorial to one lucky person!

All YOU have to do is email me at Boro[at]boroofficial[dot]com with Pattern giveaway in the subject line. I will then put your email address in a hat and pull a random one out and that will be the winner.

This Giveaway goes from May 7th to May 18th. I will draw 1 name on the 19th. Pattern will be emailed to the winner on the 19th.

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