Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Weeglins

Meet The Weeglins, one of my newest creations! The Weeglins are mischievous little Goblins. They live in burrows where they hoard their treasures and make batches of mushroom stew. At night when people are sleeping, they put on their boots and collect sparkly, shiny things they find while foraging for wild vegetables and useful things they may need in their lives. No one ever sees them because their humungous ears can detect sound for miles around and they can scamper off to safety before they are spotted.

Weeglins are around 10 inches tall, minus their ears. They are mostly machine sewn so they are pretty sturdy. Their boots are handmade and detachable but can be secured permanently upon request, however, in the future, boots and other accessories will be sold separately so I would advise against it just in case you want to expand your Weeglin’s wardrobe.

Feel free to check them out in my shop. I also post new pics of them as I make new ones on my tumblr here


smallgirl said...

These guys are adorable! I love their shoes :)

Melanie - Curious Little Bird - said...

Very adorable! Yes, the shoes are the best part. :D


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