Friday, November 2, 2012

James Kochalka plushies!

Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont James Kochalka has some fun news. His Johnny Boo and Squiggle characters have been turned into handmade amigurumi by the plush artist Erin Simon. Check it out!
(photo by Sam Simon - Sam Simon Imaging)
You can check them out on her Etsy page. They are a very limited run of just 25.

It's noteworthy that these are licensed by Top Shelf, a publisher of Mr. Kochalka's work. How great is that! A collaboration between a small publisher, an independent plush artist, and a comics rock star. Makes one happy to live in a world where awesome stuff like this is coming together!


erinn said...

I'm Erinn Simon! I love your blog, and thanks a million for writing about Johnny Boo!!
Just want to say that the awesome photo was actually taken by my husband, photographer Sam Simon of sam simon imaging!
plush forever!!

Absolutely Small said...

Hi Erinn! Glad you liked the post. Thank you for the photo credit update, too. ^_^


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