Monday, November 19, 2012

Metroid larva plush

Commission piece I made, it's a Metroid larva from the game Metroid. It was a beast to construct. Vinyl and me are not friends, even though I seem to insist on using it. haha The insides are cut up ribbons and puff balls sewn together to make bigger balls. I'm not a fan of the supports I had to use in the dome, but it's very sturdy. I used threaded metal rods i got from the Home depot, ideally i wanted something like tiny tent rods, but no one sells tiny tent rods.


Absolutely Small said...

So awesome! He looks like he was a beast to make. Er, "it". Probably no gender there.

Image Masking said...

Valentines day Plush Giveaway, how nice, cute bird. I love it too much. So pretty.

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