Saturday, November 23, 2013

A new Holiday Tradition: Christmas Patrol Goblins

Meet Santa's Other Helpers, Santa's real eyes and ears, who hang out in your house all year and write down all your children's misdeeds and report back to Santa. These cute Goblins are about 13 inches tall, handmade from cruelty-free poly-felt. Their little tunics, hooded cloaks, and fleece tights as well as pointy green elf slippers are all handmade and removable. Every C.P.G. (Christmas Patrol Goblin) comes with a little hand stained wooden chest to keep their naughty list. These guys are small enough to go everywhere with you and your family so they can keep a watch over the little ones. Each Goblin comes with a copy of My Santa's other Helpers poem that shares their back story, along with a scroll to write down misdeeds and a little convenient secret "jingle bell" key chain for parents. These Goblins have the ability to become "invisible" but kids can sometimes hear their bells jingling when they are misbehaving in grocery stores.....the car...restaurants....

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