Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bertram (Dolls for Friends)

Bertram by Dolls for Friends

Countless people migrate to Hollywood each year in the hopes of striking it huge in show business. Of those individuals, nearly all of them fail to recognize their dreams of success. After several years of scrimping and scraping they usually leave the stretches of southern California for brighter pastures-never having realized the dreams of their youth.

Bertram is one of those optimistic dreamers who came to la la land with ambition and plans to take the world by storm. He worked day and night trying to secure his position on the silver screen never losing focus on his brass ring of hope. That was three decades ago.

Now, pushing 50, Bertram is coming to grips with the fact that his spot in the limelight may never come to fruition. Despite his attempts to bring himself in line cosmetically with the rest of his contemporaries (obsessive teeth bleaching and enlarging, tucks, lifts, and even sewing literal stars to his body to emphasize his plans of making it big) he has had little success.

He's finally decided that it's time to fall back on his formal education (occupational therapist) and focus on taking his place in the ranks of "normal"society.

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WeirdBugLady said...

Haha, awesome creature, and I love the story!


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