Friday, January 11, 2008

Ciao e Grazie!

Thanks to Claire for the invite to participate. My name is Christina Ward from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I've been making stuffies since childhood. I spent all my summers with my grandmother on her Luddite farm outside of Black River Falls, WI. (Has anyone seen or read Wisconsin Death Trips? Um, yup- it's still exactly like that.)

I'm a old punk rock veteran and neo-post-now crafter. I focus on two areas. I make creatures and quilts.

I recently partipated in Milwaukee's famed Art vs. Craft. To my great humbling surprise, every animal was sold. I am slowly creating new creatures as I catch up with holiday special orders.

Here are some of my signature creations. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the community!

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Dre Dre said...

Nice work! I'd love to see more. - Dre


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