Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Craft or Art? Cute or Weird?

I wanted to add to what dear Bisbee Stitches wrote on a few posts down. It's funny that you posted that. I am on the other side. I sometime worry that my stuff isn't weird enough. I am a crafter but I also have a more artsy farty side too. Ya know? But right now I am in the kid stage and cutesy pootsy is what is on the brain. :) I think what we all have to remember is to create what makes us happy. And know that it will make others out there happy too. Now finding those people out there is another question I have not answered yet. :) I know for myself when I try to create on the other side of the line it is sort of forced. That is what selling can do. I want to be successful. I want to make money. But when my focus is totally unbalanced my creativity is killed. I get stressed out and start comparing my creations to others . Its not good. Maybe I am just mental and obsessive but I'm guessing someone out there goes through similar times. Anyway... I just wanted to encourage you all to keep creating what makes you happy. Be inspired. Use the fabrics you love. Learn new techniques, use the creativity God has given you to bless the people around you. And know that there are people out there who will fall in love with your creations. Keep looking for those people. You will find them! (Maybe it is one of us. ;) I have found tons of new favorites right here on the Needle!)


CresceNet said...

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Popsicles & Lollipops said...

I think it is both, adorably cute, but also weird, in a good weird way. So, how about cuierd or wute? I personally like wute. Kinda like woot, which I think made it in Webster's this year or you'd be riding a new word wave. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words about my gnome garden! I love your blog & your creations!

Electric Daisy said...

Very nice and encouraging Shannon. I have also struggled with the same issues and arrived at the same conclusion-you have to be who you are and create what comes from you. :D

Claire said...

Excellent points, Shannon! You're so right- in the end, the important thing is just to keep on creating things that make you happy.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post Shannon. When I started making softies, I struggled with the same thing - cute vs weird? But soon came to accept that what I enjoy and like creating is more on the cute side. You're right, the most effective means to kill creativity is to start comparing your work with others. I completely agree - do what you love and enjoy instead of focusing on trying to fit into a certain category. Thanks for the encouragement!

dredredoll said...

what a great post session! I struggle with defining what it is that I make only when I questioning my potential key demographic. If we are artists we interpret the world and ourselves as we see it. friendly, freakish, adorable, repulsive yet humorous, grotesquely beautiful and terrifyingly true. No matter what you make it really must be a part of you.


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