Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kitty Cat Scratches

I run an unsuccessful creature orphanage. So I've never really sold anything, I'm always making gifts. The joy I get out of making handmade art for other people is immense, but I feel that the time has come to turn this self indulgent non-profit hobby into a self sustaining entity, thus I must sell. I'm looking into avenues to slang some plush, locally or on the net. I see many of you have Etsy sites up. How would you rate that site as a seller? I've made a few satisfied purchases from fellow artsycrafters, it seems like a great venue for the DIY artist. It's always been difficult for me to perceive and evaluate my mediocre art for its monetary value. I guess that's why I haven't tried to sell any thing. Any Etsy feedback?


Dre Dre said...

This guy was made without a pattern. Sew as you go method. It really shows.

MayaBella said...

I really love Etsy. The community and connections has been so great. I would say go for it@

Karen's Monsters said...

I think you should sign up for etsy. It's a small monetary investment to post things, and you'll never know if your stuff will sell if you don't try it.

On the other hand, I secretly had hoped my stuff would sell just be virtue of having it on etsy, which has not been the case, though I'm selling well at craft fairs and getting a good response. It's a business like any other where you have to have enough of the right people seeing you to make sales. I'm still learning my way around the whole internet marketing thing myself.

Claire said...

Etsy is a great way to get your feet wet starting to sell your work. But in order to actually sell anything, be prepared to promote your butt of both online and offline. (I hope that doesn't sound discouraging!)

trinlayk said...

Etsy is great IMHO, but I also do a lot of little things to promote my shop off line as well as on.
(Mostly things like a link in my sig line on non-craft oriented forums..., keeping photos of my work appearing on my flickr..., calling/business cards with my ETSY shop addy on them... etc.)

I love the critter in the photo above, so I KNOW you will have a market.

I say go for it!

dredredoll said...

Alright! thanks for the positive feedback!


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