Monday, January 21, 2008

Finding Our Niche

This whole plush experience has been one filled with learning. I started out a little over a year ago making a donkey and a moose for my baby on the way and now I am building a business. So everything is new and filled with mystery for me. :) But Etsy has been such a safe and helpful learning place for me. I have learned so much in the workshops and through the articles in the Storque. One of the aspects of my education has been finding my niche. TortillaGirl talks on this subject in this article from the Storque...
"Developing a unique style and approach with your shop is the best way to successfully carve out a niche for yourself. You know the items that are immediately recognizable as a certain seller's handiwork? That’s what I’m talking about. These sellers have found their niche by cultivating a style that is immediately recognizable.

Finding your Etsy niche implies not replicating what the shop next door is doing just so you can sell. It means you have to be creative, experiment with the craft you know how to do well, and define your own personal universe so that it shows in your shop and items."

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Tizzalicious said...

I really love Etsy too. I only just started selling, but just being there makes me feel so much more creative!


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