Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Background

I created a new background for my monsters in my shop and wanted to show them here. I haven't updated all of them yet, but I will. I think it shows their colors well and let's everyone know that they are having a good time in the sun, shaking their thang.

These are monsters that I created for a custom order. Their names are Quibee and Paulie.
I love making monsters. There's nothing like it. I love working with socks too because they are so fun to shape and mold into the creature you want it to be. My favorite part is creating the face. How you space the eyes can completely change the personality of the creature. Mouths are fun to do too. When I first started making monsters and really was just doing my own technique I would create the faces before I stuffed them. Some turned out cute, others sometimes didn't have the shape of mouth I wanted. Then I began stuffing the head first and it really makes all the difference.

I love looking at everyone's sites, by the way, and reading the posts!


UglyPrettyThings said...

I am not very good at formating my posts. I will have it all set and then when it posts on here it all spreads out. I apologize. When I try to fix it I really only seem to make it worse.

MayaBella said...

I love your new backrounds! I have been thinking about something like that for a while. But actually getting some plushies made is a challenge. :) So that will have to wait.


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