Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm having trauma!

I'm not one for planning, or drawing sketches (although I admire those of you who do-I love to see the sketch and then the resulting plush). I just cut. I pull out my fabric and cut. Sometimes it doesn't go well, but when it does and I meet my new friend,  I'm just so happy. So when the time comes for me to list him on my shop, I have trauma! I don't want to let him go. I always know when I've made something that is truly creative from me when I wanna cry when it gets purchased. Alas, isn't that the point, to share the joy of plush? Maybe I should just keep the joy to myself....


UglyPrettyThings said...

love him. it is hard sometimes to let go of your little babes. I kept one of my first guys, an alien, for myself.

Claire said...

I can so relate! It makes parting with them worth it when I can find someone who's as charmed by my creatures as I am, though.


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