Friday, January 11, 2008


Hello Everyone! This blog is such a great idea, I love reading about all of you. My name is Emma and my line of plushies is UglyPrettyThings. I live in Chicago and have been creating plushies for about a year and I have a fiery passion for them. The first plush I made from my own pattern was a sock bunny that I gave to my boyfriend. That slowly developed into sock monsters and fleece monsters. I love making monsters because I am able to create their look any way that I want. They don't have to resemble anything in particular. I love creating descriptions and names for my monsters because it gives them such personality and I hope other people can see that too. My goals for the future are more consignment, sold out shops, email newsletters and a children's book. The most recent exciting news about my line is that my monsters will now be regularly sold at Kismet Gallery in Troy, NY and I have a show with artist, Martin Moore happening there in August.

This is my latest creation for the Etsy Plush Team Valentine's Day Contest.

I look forward to reading more from all of you wonderful plush artists!

If you are interested in reading my personal blog, it's really new, here's the link :

If you want to comment with your blog links too I will put them on my site :)

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