Friday, January 11, 2008

New to the blogging scene

Hello! My name is Andrea Carrillo, I work, live and create out of a small town in Northern California, and I've only really been into making plush for about a year now. I was 15 when I first discovered the art craft of doll making and now, 12 years later I'm back with a vengeance and a need to create all the creatures who reside within my head. I wish to share my love for doll craft and plush weirdo creature art. Thank You for letting me in on the show and tell.... Anima Bunny Doll. Made from a super soft cashmere sweater, with a vintage blinky eye doll head inside.


vagrabtaesthetic said...

That bunny is so disturbingly cute!

loveandasandwich said...

woah i LOVE that bunny. awesome.

dredredoll said...

Tnank You. It's gotten the most response at my deviantART site too. I think I'll pop out some more creatures. :))

Cruddlies & Co. said...

how about a dog with a cat in it's mouth?


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