Friday, January 25, 2008


Hi I am Brie from Roman Sock ,

I live in Edinburgh in Scotland (Soon I will move to Glasgow for my new job). I am not actually Scottish though, I am a bit of a mix. My mother is Dutch/Indonesian and my father is a bow bells cockney. I was lucky enough to live in lots of places growing up, and the things I have seen often inform the creatures I make.

I am a crochet addict, and tend to make semi realistic creatures... I am not sure why. Before crochet I tried every art/Craft form imaginable but nothing really fitted. ( My poor mother still has my paintings on her wall - a mothers love is blind) So my life seems to split " before crochet" and "after crochet".

I find the work of plush artists so inspiring and have been lapping up this blog! You guys are all so amazing!

Here is a little sample of my work:

close up on rock
on the nose


jenni said...

I adore the tree frog!

WeirdBugLady said...

Ahhhh the bird is too cute! I love realistic plushies, yours are great :)

megan said...

i am in love with that meercat!!! how amazingly cute !


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