Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's great to be a part of the club

magpie closeup, originally uploaded by lalootka.

Hi, I'm Aloutka, vel lalootka .
I love black and white - in clothing, in interior design, and in making plushies I prefer to use these colours too. Then magpie is the perfect animal for me, as you can see. Of course, I use other colours, fabrics new and pre-loved, handsewing them with joy and love in cuddly and soft pals. My favourite pets among softies are sheep, cats and hares (although I call them bunnies, I remember the difference between a hare and a rabbit).
Thank you, Claire, for inviting me here!
Happy New Year everyone

1 comment:

trinlayk said...

Hi Lalootka! I can hardly wait for my magpie to arrive. You make such great things!


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