Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Bisbee Stitches !

Hi! My name is Mark . I'm down here on the border in a little mountain town called Bisbee . I started making Stitches just before I moved to Bisbee , which was five years ago. I lost count, but I've made something like 2,000 unique creatures , so far. Each one takes me about 6-8 hours to complete (though the first ones took many days to complete) .
I use a machine for the basic parts (arms, legs, head-shape,etc.) and then assemble everything by hand and the details (the face, eyes, hair,etc.) are all hand sewn as well. I used to draw out the designs on the inside of the fabric to make my patterns, but now it's all inside my head, so I just 'draw' with the thread as I sew the body parts on my machine.
I'm always trying to keep it interesting for myself by thinking up new character designs , shapes, and concepts.
Here are four cute Stitches from the last year. Whatcha think ? Also, you can find some recent
(and some older) Stitches at
also there are some pics from a recent show in NYC ... here are some other pictures pictures too!

Happy to meet you all!
Mark Hundley


Claire said...

Bisbee, Arizona? I've heard awesome things about that town!
Your John Waters plush is brilliant!

bisbee stitches said...

thnkx! Yeah, it's a pretty cool little artsy place to live. :)


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