Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Plush Monsters

Thank you for the invitation. I'm so excited to be a part of this collaboration. I recognize more than a few of the other creators on here. What good company!

By way of an introduction to what I make, I'd like you to meet Georgette, a shark monster.

Georgette wants me to tell you that she is not a shark monster, but a pizza monster because she likes pizza so much. Usually the monsters have no say in what I write about them, but she’s jumping up and down and tugging on my sleeve with her teeth. It’s hard to ignore that much persistence.

What I was going to say is that she’s the idea monster. She comes up with the games and what to do next and often leads the monsters on their next adventure. She’s not the most inventive as far as mischief goes, but she knows how to get a whole group moving in the same direction, which is quite a feat.

Can't wait to see more of everyone's creations.

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