Saturday, January 26, 2008

Magmador (Dolls for Friends)

Magmador by Dolls for Friends

Magmadors were known to be ancient producers of volcanic activity. Their job was to shake at tremendous rates of speed resulting in friction at the base of large volcanoes.

Once the pressure and tension had reached a maximum stress level, the volcano would spew fire and molten lava into the air and give way to molten rivers that would eventually become the base of the land masses we now inhabit. Over time as the all of the major continents became formed the small, but mighty magmadors went into a perpetual state of hibernation, awakening every so often just to let us know they are still there.

This particular magmador was found in an old lava tube in the Pacific Northwest. He is rather gentle and just likes to lay around and smolder.

More photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

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Claire said...

Awesome! Your creatures are so unique and creative.


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