Thursday, January 24, 2008

On working from patterns...

I have a very stubborn self taught streak. It feels like "cheating" if I don't always create from my own patterns. But, with no formal (or even informal!) background in creating patterns, sometimes you've got to break down, swallow your pride, and make something from a pattern. Sometimes it's the only way to learn. The times I've managed to do this have always been enlightening, and I always learn something new.

Anyway, the little green girl pictured here I came up with after working with a Aranzai Aronzo pattern from a back issue of CRAFT magazine. (She's several steps removed, obviously...) I've always admired their work and I used to come away from it wondering how they did it. Thanks to their generous sharing of patterns, now I know!

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MayaBella said...

Very cool. I need to work on making patterns. I have stencils for my main creatures but they are very basic. Fallowing someones pattern does seem like a good way to learn how to put one of my own together. Ooo... I just subscribed to Craft: I cant wait to get it!


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