Monday, January 14, 2008

Ooki (Dolls for Friends)

Orphaned at birth, little ooki was taken in by a large nomadic tribe wandering through the frozen tundra of Northern Canada. Raised on fresh yak milk and doted on by the many nurturing tribe members, little ooki grew, and grew and GREW. He's not so little anymore. But a kinder, more loving jelly you won't find anywhere.

He speaks an unusual mix of dialects which we are currently working on deciphering. He makes many musical noises, and is content to be wrapped in a cozy blanket and carried around all day. We are lucky enough to be caring for him while his adoptive tribe migrates to warmer countries for the winter.

Wouldn't you love to keep him for a while? Just be sure to keep a fresh supply of yak milk on hand, and fill the tub for him at night-he just loves a swim before turning in for the evening.

You can also check us out at or on flickr.

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Caffaknitted said...

He's so cute! It must be exhausting carrying him around all day when he's so big. If the dialects become too confusing, perhaps you could create some sort of jelly sign language? He has plenty of limbs to work with.


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