Tuesday, January 22, 2008

polar bears

polar bear in the sea, originally uploaded by lalootka.

Last year it was Knut - the most famous polar bear in the western world. This year another Berlin zoo cub has a chance to become an icon of environmental foundations and organizations. I wonder what the name it will have. This polar bear of mine was made in April 2007, and his name was Tony. I'm planning to make some more of them soon.
But what I'm interested the most righ now are: how long will it take me to have another camera to pop my NEWEST toys? Is it better to remain OOAK toy maker or make a mass production? Propably all of us have similiar problems to consider.
Have a nice day!


Ms Frapcious said...

i'm leaning towards one of a kind, or maybe two or three. manufacturing is cool but once the fad is over the OOAK still has all the meaning, intent and story in a place where at least one lucky person can still find it;if that makes any sense.
everything at it's own pace in it's own place.(i guess manufactured things are more about design and my toaster doesn't really need to be one-of-a-kind but I still want it to win a design award:))

Eva said...

i love this little guy! i want my very own little knut like bear :D


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