Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Duke Kingsley, Mutant Alley Cat

He's not such a tough guy. Really. He's just a softie. Especially when it comes to his mom. Duke Kingsley was a normal but homeless cat that happens to live in an alley right next to a high end cosmetics factory that disposes of their "toxic" waste products in "his" dumpsters on a nightly basis. While thinking it quite nervy, he really enjoyed sampling their discarded products which has helped him retain his youthful appearance, his sparkling white teeth and a radiant glow that he's not really sure but it may be harmful. It's hard maintaining a tough guy image when your arms have mutated into a colorful display of the company's new spring line and you've got a heart tattoo that says "MoM."

You can make your own Duke Kingsley if you'd like because I have a free pattern on my Blog! Beware, the world may just be taken over by mutant cosmetic loving cats!!!


Marisa Bogg said...

Wow! I love his tattoo! And his big happy face

Tizzalicious said...

He's fantastic!

Claire said...

He's adorable!

Mr Crammed said...

Great eyes! Lovely work!


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