Thursday, February 21, 2008

There are goats all over my house...

Plush ones, of course.

They're so loud! They mix beats all night long. They really seem to love music.

After a particularly wild night, I found this guy hanging on the door. Gah!!
They've got me overwhelmed...which I happen to have blogged about today! Well, less about being overwhelmed, and more about how to deal with it.


UglyPrettyThings said...

omg. i love those goats!!!!

Mr Crammed said...

These are so cute! I really like the pink faced one!

And they play keyboard? I'm going to faint!

UglyPrettyThings said...

I love the one sitting in the wreath! I hope you list them on your site soon

Claire said...

Thanks all!
Oh, they'll be up quite, quite soon. ( today. And then down again real quick for a show.)

Hollywood said...

the tiny teats are too much! Love em.

Claire said...



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