Thursday, February 7, 2008

G. Wilikers (Dolls for Friends)

G. Wilikers

Mr. Wilikers has long been a staple in the upper crust elite of England's finest social circles. Born with the finest pedigree and every opportunity at his disposal, he's made use of his vast wealth (he's a trust fund baby) and knowledge to create a very comfortable and regimented lifestyle. While his proper and methodical habits could be construed by some as being annoying, after a few days they become more tolerable and eventually can end up being quite comforting.

He will keep his hosts up for hours spinning wonderful tales on the history aristocratic life, and he knows the dirt on just about everyone. As a matter of fact it was rumored that G. Wilikers was deemed SO proper and SO wealthy that he was approached as being the original mascot for the world-famous game Monopoly. It was felt, however, that a more "normal and traditional" image should be used, so it was a no go. Oh well.


Miss Slim said...

Olá Margarida,

Adorei a tua visitinha no meu cantinho e adorei também as tuas coisinhas, Lindas :)

Bjo e Bom Fim de Semana :)

Claire said...

He is awesome!


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