Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hazel the Hippo (Dolls for Friends)

Hazel the Hippo

Hazel the hippo loves sunflower tea.
She drinks it with chamomile while watching the sea.
She's mellow and happy and loves to relax.
She likes to wear sun dresses and eats biscuits for snacks.
She's been known to converse and can be given to song.
She'll spin you a yarn that is ten miles long.
And yes, you may think, "She's a hippo, dear sir! That's too big for me."
I say, "It's not the size, but the character that's important you see."


Weirdbuglady said...

Aww I love her! Great colors and the flower is a nice touch.

Hollywood said...

She's perfect! I love the purple and brown combination and the different textures. I've been thinking about making a hippo lately but don't know if I can top your :)

Ms Frapcious said...

she's great!
love the colors on this one.

jenclair said...

She's charming! Love the bright sunflower!


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