Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hello, hello!

Hi! My name is Margarida and this is my first post! I love plush and I'm glad to be part of this wonderful site. I would like you to meet Mr Comma!

Mr Comma is the older member of Commas (the creatures from Commaland!). Mr Comma loves to make little kids happy! He's always smiling, he's very soft, very colourful and as a magical pocket where he keeps a flower for Mrs Comma! Mr Comma is friendly!

More Commas to come!

:) Ei! Kumpel


Marisa Bogg said...

Very cute, Margarida! He reminds me of the glow-worm I used to have when i was a kid. Hmm. Showing my age a bit, eh?! I love the details on his "tail". Very colourful!

MayaBella said...

So cute! That would be such a perfect gift for a teacher to put in their room! Love it.

Ms Frapcious said...

plush punctuation--how fun!
i need him to sit on my desk and remind me not to use so many commas.
i always use too many.


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