Thursday, February 7, 2008

Plush Swap Update!!

I seemed to have been plagued with bad luck this week. On Tues, I ate an entire King Cake, and didn't even find a baby...that' got to be a sign of bad luck, right?

So as many of you already know, I'm having some plush swap email problems. On Monday night, I mailed everyone who entered their swap buddy's name and address. I know some of you didn't receive yours, and some of you did. What I suspect is that many of them went into spam/bulk mail folders. I want to be 100% certain no one gets left out. Below is a list of everyone involved in the swap (by code name only;) If your name is blue, then I know you have your swap buddy's name. If your name is red then you need to contact me at, to let me know ASAP.
I'm sorry for all the confusion, but I just want to be certain the swap goes well.


Monda Loves
Moogan Creations
Hello Pineapples
Collette Plush
Roman Sock
Beeper Bebe
Patti Haskins
Annie Oakleaves
Silly Kitty
Lexi Franks
Cuz I felt like it
Maya Bella
SLC Studio
Love and Sandwich
Beetlegirl Design
Elsie Marley
Electric Daisy
Christina Ward
Weird bug lady
Absolutely small
Dolls for Friends


sarah said...

If Kleas is the Kleas I know, then she is in the process of having a baby and may not be online to reply right away. You might just want to resend hers, just to be sure!

Caffaknitted said...

Thanks Sarah!

Louise said...

I thought I was in for the swap but I mustn't have made it in time :(

Caffaknitted said...

Louise! I'm so sorry. I never received your email! I feel terrible about that. This won't be our last swap, though. I promise.

Louise said...

thats cool, i'll definitly take part in the next one!

fuzfrenzy said...

Louise, I didn't make it in time for the swap either, but you and I can swap if you're still up for it : )

Louise said...

hey fuzfrenzy, I'd love to do a swap, but its probably a good thing I missed the one organised because i just got 3 commissions yesterday and today! maybe we could do a swap in a few weeks time.

trinlayk said...

Yes, GOT mine... and her stuffy is ready to go out!

This is SO exciting.


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