Monday, February 11, 2008

Monters, whee!

Meet Zimou and Barney. Barney is another one of my sock monsters made out of a funky polka dot sock and Zimou is a pink striped monster made out of a turtle neck striped shirt. His eyes are vintage from my grandma's stash and the heart on his neon scarf is from a recycled shirt as well. I love the recycled mentality, but since I make a lot of sock monsters I don't use it for those because...that would be kind of gross. But I bought a bunch of great shirts and fleece sweaters from goodwill to make new and exciting creatures. I am putting off studying right now to make mashed potatoes and write about my monsters. Oh well. Also, I added a plugme board to my blog if anyone is interested. UglyPrettyThings Blog


Hollywood said...

Adorable! I'd love to give one of these to my 10 month old daughter and see the funny looks she'd get from old ladies.

UglyPrettyThings said...

lol Do it!


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