Monday, February 11, 2008

New to The Needle

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Flake (blogger name Hollywood). I'm just started sewing plush toys in January and am the sister of your fellow Needler, Annie Poon. I quickly became hooked on plushies and after just a month I've lost all feeling in my fingertips. I like to make familiar items with a twist of crazy. All my stuff comes from doodles in my sketch pad and I figure each animal out as I go. Someday I'll figure out how patterns work but for now, it's a big cut and paste mess for hours until I get it right.

My stuff is all pretty silly and blatantly asymmetrical. Take this cow. I'm a mom and have been through nursing twice so I really feel a bond with this shameless udder fest. If you've got it, flaunt it. Her teats are delightfully milkable.

My husband thinks I'm crazy and keeps telling me, "there's medication for people like you." My two little girls are scared stiff by half the things I make, but I just can't stop! When I made Bad Baby (below) my three year old took one look at him and said, "I hate him. I want to throw him out." How's that for validation. I'm hoping you folks around here get my mania better than my family does.


Mr Crammed said...

Oh Yeah...
We get the mania!

MayaBella said...

So great. I love those!

Hollywood said...

Thanks, guys! I knew I was in good company :)

Ms Frapcious said...

sometimes--if it weren't for cows--i wouldn't get up in the morning.

Claire said...

Too funny! No, don't throw them out!
Welcome to The Needle. We're glad to have another maniac.


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