Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Patterns and Bunnies and Elephants, Oh MY!

It seems like all of last week I was goofing off playing around with some new anime style patterns I designed. I guess they aren't truly Anime but more like my own cross between Anime and Prim. Maybe I could come up with a new word for this style like "Pranime" or something?

Anyway, the first photo is of Nurse Nellie Nottingham, who stands all of 6 1/4 inches tall including her ears, is made from the mohair lining of a vintage coat that has been tea dyed, has jointed arms and legs, an embroidered face and hand painted glass eyes. As you can see, this little bunny nurse is trying to care for her poor teddy that has just added a bandaged ear to his other wounds. She thinks that perhaps a few carrots will cheer him up after his surgery but what he really wants is CHOCOLATE!

And the other photo is a cute little elephant named Myrtle McGillicuddy. Myrtle is made from sparse hand dyed pewter gray mohair, has olive colored glass eyes, is 4-way jointed, has a wired trunk and wears a funky little hat made from a vintage knitted doll cap. I used some vintage material from my stash to line her ears. I just love that print as it really shouts "Spring!"

Ms. McGillicuddy (as she prefers to be called) measures in about 4 3/4 inches and is weighted with steel shot. She's quite a handful in more ways than one!


Beeper Bebe said...

just really, really love them--especially the vintage mohair from the coat--great idea.

Claire said...

Oh! They are both just adorable - especially that bunny. Lovely work!

greenstarstudio said...

that little elephant makes me squeal. hello? cute much? xo, dana


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