Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Syd (Dolls for Friends)


ZZZZAAAAPPPPPPP!!!! Our lights dimmed heavily.

ZZZZZAAAAAPPPPP!!!! Our lights went out.

We rushed outside to see what the commotion was to find this little beauty perched on the bottom of our bug zapper. We were so surprised, and more than a little myphed at what we were looking at. I had to actually consult my rare collection of flora and fauna reference guides to even begin to get a hint of what she was.

It turns out that she's a Northwestern reticulated Electro-Rhopalocera. In other words she is one of the only nocturnal butterflys known to exist. They, like other butterflys, feed on nectar at night, yet they are also able to store large amounts of electro-kinetic energy as defense mechanism against predatory creatures.They are harmless to humans, but could be considered harmful to other animals of a lesser size if construed as being a threat.

After tripping the breakers in our house we brought her in to feed her some mangoes and honey. She has now been with us for two weeks. We call her Syd.

1 comment:

MayaBella said...

Good thing the Jellies are so sweet and harmless. We wouldn't want any zapped!


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