Friday, February 8, 2008

wee sheep for a wee patient

It's good to be here again!
I was asked to make a softie for a 3 years old girl struggling with a brain tumor. As I can hardly (truely, I can't) imagine her sufferings and her parents, I wanted to make it as cute as possible, and put as much love into work as I could. I decided to make a wee sheep (I have a collection of sheep, called "Sheep of the world, unite!) - black one. I thought her small size would be good for a tiny girl. And, as it should have a special package, I'd made a bag. Little one.

It took me less time than I though it would. Nicely packed it went to little girl.

But my thoughts went to "my" children in Gajusz Foundation who also are little patients. This is foundation that helps ill children and their families, mostly with a cancer, runs a hospice, and an orphanage for children with sicknesses. From time to time they make auctions and sell toys too. Anyone can send them toy for such a purpose. Any money matters. I think that even plush maker - toy designer, can try to: 1. help, 2. promote a FASHION to help those in need. Well, I mean - in greater need than ours. And yes, 3. promote indie design. Let's call it social awareness. What do you think? Don't be shy and say how generous you are :)
Luv you, tallented people

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Claire said...

Excellent work! Super, super cute- and I love that fabric!


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