Friday, February 8, 2008

Back in game

Let me instoduce Henio, plush doggie made by lalootka . He's a puppy rather than an adult dog, but it makes him perfect companion for a child. In Henio's case, the child is a boy who wanted to have a softie that would resemble him his favourite Alsatian shepherd. I wanted to complete this request and make a softie in lalootka style (well, I'm working on style).

And here he is - grey puppy made of polar fleece.

Henio loves to play and you can see him ready to aport any toy, or a branch, or maybe a little ball.

His pink tongue is made of wool felt, as are his features. Safety eyes. I'm also proud of his claws - made of wool felt, so rather harmless.

I shouldn't say it about my own production, but I find Henio cute :) But maybe next time, I'll make my pattern for a doggie larger. Observing my daughter, I've noticed that toddlers love to have huge toys.


Ms Frapcious said...

a gray puppy and a pink tongue; the perfect combination!

jenni said...

Super cute!

Claire said...

So adorable! I love that tongue.


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