Monday, March 31, 2008


Over the last several months I've been designing a monthly feature pattern - fun clothes to fit my little toys. I started with a simple cabled cardigan, then a set of hats, a sweet fairy-tale dress, and lederhosen (just because). April's pattern is for a leotard and lacy tutu.

I started the feature pattern because people kept asking for the different clothes I was knitting for my toys. But keeping up with a whole bunch of extra patterns in my shop seemed like too much, so I decided to sell each pattern for one month only. Then when I had done five, I would put them all together in a bundle and keep that in my shop. So I would only ever have one more pattern to keep track of.

It's been so successful, not just because people like the new clothes, but because I'm always pushing myself to come up with new ideas and new ways to make things. I'm super proud of the leotard, because I had to design it from scratch - none of my previous patterns looked anything like what I wanted. It took me about four tries to get the first version, and with some small changes I got the final design just right - and you can make it in 3 sizes!


Beeper Bebe said...

You are the plush knitting guru! Your work has such a timeless quality. Makes me want to learn to knit! (although its easier to just enlist my mom to make some of your stuff for my little boy...).

Eva said...

so sweet :)


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