Monday, March 31, 2008

Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits

I know Easter is over, but it's always a good time for more rabbits:)

Each rabbit is made out of 100% cotton yarn, polyfill stuffing and safety eyes. They stand about 11 inches tall and are very huggable. They are ready to hop, skip, and jump right to your house wherever it may be :)

For more info, jump over to my blog.

PS: I'm so excited because I just opened an etsy shop. I'm really amazed with the service they provide. So user friendly. Now I hope these find a new home so I can crochet some more, before they take over my apartment ;p



Beeper Bebe said...

You are funny! My little one loves his orange bunny, by the way--of course, he thinks the Easter Bunny delivered it to him rather than some clever plush maker!

dollsforfriends said...

Yay!! We love etsy! Just hearted you in fact! Congrats, and I'm sure you will do wonderfully, your plushies are so cute!


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