Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cleaning the Gears (Dolls for Friends)

Cleaning the Gears

This is a recent piece we did for the video game company Gearbox Studios in Plano, Texas. They have made wonderful games such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Halo and Brothers in Arms plus a slew of other games for X-box and such. We felt their wonderful contributions to our daily lives could go no longer without sending them a little love-Dolls for Friends style.

In reality, we had been in contact with one of their execs because they have purchased some pieces from us in the past. We offered to do a custom piece for them as a thanks for their wonderful contributions to the world of art and technology (don't think of video games as art? tsk tsk), and they gladly accepted.

They sent us a copy of their new logo so our little beastie could be branded for his new home. We designed and constructed the piece in about a week and sent it off to them a few days ago. From what we understand he's been well received down south and has been put to work as a level tester where he gets to drink as much Jolt and Red Bull as he can handle.


jenni said...

Great stuffie! I'd love to see their new logo--I like their old one, but I love this guy with the striped horns. :)

Claire said...



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