Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter Everybunnies!

This is my first post here so I should probaly introduce myself! My name is Belle and I am the Paper Girl behind Paper Girl Productions although none of my final creations are made out of paper! Yet I do love carrying too much paper for when a moment of creativity hits which would be 24/7......I'm sure you all know how it goes!! I'm from Canada in a city nicknamed Winterpeg but thank goodness it's looking like Spring soon!
I LOVE making plush toys and really enjoy this site full of wicked creativity!
A few Non - plush facts about me: I own a hula hoop, collect anything and everything pink, and sing Xmas songs in the middle of summer.

These are a trio of my handmade blue eyed sweethearts for my own bunnie luv. After coaxing them into the basket, they managed to squish in for their photoshoot! I love making bunnies and they are one of my favourite plushies to create! You can view more of my plush work here
on my flickr photostream.

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