Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oliver and His Whimsy Bunny Friends, Bubbles and Sprinkles

Well, Easter IS on its way. I look back and see Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patty's just over my shoulder! With the coming of this blessed holiday, Oliver has arrived to make his introductions, to take a bow and meet some new friends. Oliver is a lovely chap--outgoing, kind, charming indeed. He'll always hold the door for you, will never fail to offer you tea, and always calls the ladies "Mam" and the gents "Sir." Oh, they do not make them that way much anymore.... With him, he brings his two Whimsy Bunny friends, Bubbles and Sprinkles. (We'll get to them later.) Along with his two best bunny friends, he spends his time dying Easter eggs, throwing Easter Egg Hunt parties, and collecting chocolates, jelly beans, and marshmallow candies from those regions of the Patch where candy grows on trees.

Now that Oliver has been made his proper introduction, Bubbles and Sprinkles want their turns. Bubbles (the small bunny in cherry and lime) and Sprinkles (the bunny in chocolate and canary) carry the very important Easter responsibility of dying and decorating Easter eggs. Many assume that all bunnies that appear around Easter are Easter bunnies that spend their time delivering goody baskets to children. Not so! Bubbles and Sprinkles are expert egg dyers and have the most exquisite pigment collections. Anyone who receives a basket of their eggs is amazed at the quality of the egg decoration. They, however, never have the responsibility of delivering a basket. Their job is preparation, preparation.

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