Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lou Lou and Her Singing Bird, Lolli

Lou Lou and Lolli's first day here from the Whimsy Patch was a rainy one, but they were at least able to enjoy a little bit of the sunset as the rain cleared for just enough time.The Whimsy Patch is just bubbling over these days with new residents who are ready for new homes. Lou Lou and Lolli, like their good friends Josette and Speckles, grew up together in the Aviary Farms. They enjoy country life, slow walks through pastures of grazing Whimsy animals, baking breads of various sorts, and singing wake up songs in the morning. Lou Lou and Lolli dream of living in a quiet small town someday, though they can certainly handle city life when that is required of them. It's just that they prefer the view of trees and rolling hills to sidewalks and traffic lights. Nevertheless, they will make the best of any setting with mornings and afternoons spent mixing, kneading and baking breads. Oh, you should smell the aroma of Lou Lou's sourdough bread and taste it with just a pat of butter. Divine! Lolli's favorite bread to bake is a banana-strawberry bread. Spread that darling with just a bit of strawberry preserves and you will melt! I can smell it and taste it as I write:)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love these guys! They have the cutest little faces - great job!

Kimmie.K said...

Thanks so much!


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