Sunday, March 16, 2008

Juliette and Anouk

Remember Gigi and Dottie, the Whimsy Patch Love Messengers that made their debut around Valentine's Day? Well, Gigi's almost identical twin sister, Juliette, and Dottie's very best Whimsy Giraffe friend, Anouk, are here! Juliette and Anouk are the slightly more funky and boisterous pair and are thrilled to be showing themselves off on the web. Anouk wants you to note her ribbon choker and points out that she has a cute and completely appropriate little heart tattoo on her bum. Juliette and Anouk went to Love Messenger School with Gigi and Dottie, but they were the always known for their pranksterish ways rather than the more studious qualities that earned Gigi and Dottie high accolades. Nevertheless, they still graduated with high marks-- and a slew of pranks (always good natured and fun) to their names! These days they take their work very seriously and always make sure their deliveries and thorough and punctual. Then they spend their weekends at the dancing clubs and hanging with friends. At their new hangout, they promise to initiate all the after hours antics! They can't wait to find out who their new friends will be.


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